Veronica "Venam" is the first Gym Leader in Aevium. She is a Poison-type Gym Leader, and awards Trainers who manage to defeat her in battle the Poison Heart Badge. Her signature move is "Venam's Kiss", a physical Poison type move with 50 Base Power. Her Gym is in Gearen City.

Venam has purple hair and tends to curse a lot. She also has perfect memory. She is in a group of friends, consisting of her, Melia, Ren, and the Player. She also has a history with Steel-type Gym Leader, Saki, often saying that she hates her. She doesn't get along with her mother well either.

Venam's Team:

Casual Mode: Nidorina, Mareanie, Alolan Grimer, Seviper.

Normal Mode: Trubbish, Whirlipede, Mareanie, Ivysaur, Alolan Grimer, Seviper.

Insane Mode: Nidorina, Whirlipede, Mareanie, Ivysaur, Alolan Grimer, Seviper.

Venam's Partner Team:

All Modes: Alolan Grimer, Ivysaur, Haunter, Seviper.

Venam's Team (Double Battle with Saki):

Casual Mode: Alolan Muk, Seviper

Normal Mode: Alolan Muk, Nidoqueen, Venusaur, Seviper

Intense Mode: Toxapex, Venusaur, Seviper, Alolan Muk

Venam's Team (Grand Dream City):

Casual Mode: Toxapex, Venusaur, Seviper, Charizard

Normal Mode: Gengar, Alolan Muk, Scolipede, Venusaur, Seviper, Charizard

Intense Mode: Charizard, Alolan Muk, Venusaur, Scolipede, Gengar, Seviper

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