Valarie is the fifth Gym Leader in Aevium. She is also the Water type Gym Leader, awarding Trainers who manage to defeat her in battle the Dewdrop Badge. Her signature move is Tidal Wave, a special Water type move with xx Base Power.


Valarie's Gym is in Akuwa Town, but when the player first get there, he/she will meet the fake Valarie thanks to Team Xen's conspiracy. The actual Gym Battle however, will be on Terajuma Shore (Route 10 to be exact).

Fake Valarie's team: Alomomola

Valarie's team:

Casual Mode: Qwilfish, Floatzel, Lanturn, Primarina

Normal Mode: Qwilfish, Lanturn, Seismitoad, Floatzel, Seaking, Primarina

Intense Mode: Qwilfish, Lanturn, Seaking, Floatzel, Tentacruel, Primarina

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