Keta is the second Gym Leader of Aevium, also the Fighting Type Gym Leader and Sensei of Sheridan Village. He is the father of Aelita and a traitor to Team Xen. He eventually dies, saving you and Aelita from Madelis and Shadow Mewtwo. Afterwards, his spirit challenges you to a battle, and upon your victory, you are awarded a Badge, and his soul can now rest. He disappears, leaving TM08 Bulk Up behind. As you try to leave Amethyst Grotto, his statue instantly appears on the empty statue holder between the two Arceus statues. He is the first of the five lost souls that need to be brought to Amethyst Grotto in order to unlock a secret passageway to Amethyst Cave's greatest secret.

His signature move is Gale Strike, a Fighting type move which has the chance to raise attack by one stage.

Keta's Team:

Casual Mode: Combusken, Scraggy, Machoke, Lucario

Normal Mode: Combusken, Mienfoo, Scraggy, Machoke, Pignite, Lucario

Intense Mode: Hariyama, Breloom, Hitmontop, Pignite, Throh, Lucario

Revenant Keta Team:

Casual Mode: Ninetales, Donphan, Lapras, Gallade

Normal Mode: Donphan, Roselia, Ninetales, Krokorok, Lapras, Gallade

Intense Mode: Ninetales, Donphan, Roserade, Gabite, Lapras, Gallade

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