Like Pokemon Reborn, Pokemon Rejuvenation has Event Pokemon. These Pokemon usually aren't found in the wild. There are multiple ways on how you may get these Pokemon.

Gourmet Treats Edit

Gourmet Treats are new Items purchasable from Pokemarts. All you have to do is interact with a Pokemon, and if the text asks if you'd like to give the Pokemon a Gourmet Treat, say yes. The Treat shall be eaten or destroyed, and the Pokemon will join you or battle you.

Pokemon Available Location Other Factors Join/Battle
Buizel Oceana Pier Raining Join
Nidoran Oceana Pier None Battle
Munna Gearen City Nighttime Battle
Pachirisu Gearen City, Velvet Building Nighttime Battle
Totodile Gearen City, Chrisola Hotel Nighttime, Surf Battle
Whismur Goldenwood Forest None Battle
Lombre Route 4 None Battle
Phantump Wispy Ruins (behind the waterfall) Nighttime Battle
Misdreavus Goldenleaf Town Defeated Narcissa Battle
Shinx River's End Day
Corsola Akuwa Town beach None Join
Lunatone Amethyst Cave None Battle
Phione Terajuma Jungle Nighttime Battle
Squirtle Aquamarine Cave None Battle
Staryu Terajuma Shore Lighthouse Quest completed, Nighttime Battle
Slowpoke Valor Shore Lighthouse Quest completed, Nighttime Battle
Clamperl Aquamarine Cave, Route 6 Lighthouse Quest completed, Nighttime Battle
Heatmor Valor Mountain (Anger) None Battle
Litten West Gearen, Connecting Bridge Daytime Battle
Tynamo Grand Dream City, Judicial District Stormy Weather Battle

Chrisola Hotel Casino Edit

Pokemon that can be obtained from spending coins at the Casino, which can be obtained through Voltorb Flip, Slot Machines, Roulette or simply purchasing the coins.

Pokemon Available Cost (coins)
Seel 1000
Spoink 4000
Maractus 5000
Helioptile 6500

Overworld Encounters (not limited) Edit

Pokémon that are encountered through overworld sprites and require very little effort to access them, as well as there being multiple and usually respawning.

Pokemon Available Locations
Fletchling Oceana Pier
Aipom Route 2
Ambipom Route 2, after Valarie
Swablu Sheridan Village, Forest of Time, Evergreen Forest
Pyukumuku Terajuma Shore, Teila Resort, Kristiline Town
Hoppip Terajuma Jungle
Gastrodon Sheridan Wetlands
Buneary Evergreen Forest
Snorunt Evergreen Forest (Night)
Stantler Evergreen Forest, Route 7
Yanma Kakori Depths (Kakori Village Gym)
Krabby Route 6, Aquamarine Cave
Kingler Aquamarine Cave
Sawsbuck Route 7
Dodrio Route 7
Butterfree Nectar Woods
Beedrill Nectar Woods
Venomoth Nectar Woods
Parasect Darchlight Woods
Amoonguss Darchlight Woods
Petilil Grand Dream City, Residential District (Sunny weather)
Sandygast Route 9
Palossand Route 9

Overworld Encounters (Limited) Edit

Similar to the above, but can only be gotten once, usually after some amount of effort. This will also include eggs found in the overworld. This only includes Pokémon that are encountered by directly interacting with them, and not through an event.

Pokémon Available Location Requirements
Seviper (Egg) East Gearen City Gym Entering the secret formula in the final room of the gym
Heracross Sheridan Village Surf
Cyndaquil (Egg) Carotos Mountain Magma Drift and rock smash
Ducklett (Egg) Akuwa Town None
Rowlett Terajuma Jungle "Building Bridges" quest completed
Deidueye Terajuma Jungle "Building Bridges" quest completed, Amber defeated
Elekid Sheridan Wetlands, Abandoned Xen Lab Choosing to go left when asked by Melia; locks out Magby
Magby Sheridan Wetlands, Abandoned Xen Lab Choosing to go right when asked by Melia; locks out Elekid
Lapras Evergreen Cave [South] Freeze the Water's Surface field in battle, then break the Icy field in battle
Sneasel Evergreen Forest Surf to get to the island, Rock Smash, Strength and Rock Climb to access Sneasel
Piplup Spring of Preservation Anju's Pendant (missable)
Abra Valor Summit Defeating Zetta and Geara
Sableye Nightmare City Started the Kimono Girls quest, missable
Flabébé Route 2 Requires Research Notes from the past

Hide-And-Seek Edit

Hide-And-Seek is just finding a Pokemon in different locations until it finally joins/battles you.

Pokemon Available Locations Join/Battle
Ditto 1. Sheridan Village. After saving the boyfriend and talk to him

2. Route 3. go into the mobile home and talk to the hikers. one turns out to be ditto and will then leave

3.Goldenleaf town. There is a girl who will say stuff about her dead mother and then be the ditto and go away.

4.Akuwa town. will be by the first empty house

Mudkip Sheridan Wetlands, Rock climb and Cut required, spread out in different locations Battle
Nidoran ♀ Various locations around East Gearen City Battle

Befriending Edit

Certain Pokémon take a lot of playing with before they will join your party. They may also take some items.

Pokémon Available Location Actions Usable Items
Espurr Wispy Path
  • Take it for a walk!
  • Chill out with it!
  • Play with it!
  • Eat dessert! (Ice Cream req)
  • Nothing
  • Vanilla Ice Cream (+40)
  • Chocolate Ice Cream (+40)
  • Strawberry Ice Cream (+40)
  • Blue Moon Ice Cream (+800)
Growlithe Terajuma Jungle
  • Take Growlithe for a walk!
  • Pet Growlithe
  • Play with Growlithe
  • Give Growlithe a bone!
  • Nothing
  • Rare Bone
  • Thick Club

Help Center Quests Edit

These Pokemon are (only) available by doing Help Center Quests.

Pokemon Available Help Center Quest Location or Gift
Litleo East Gearen: Dangerous Pokemon Oceana Pier Battle
Pichu East Gearen: Battle Me Gift
Eevee Sheridan: Battle me again Gift
Tropius Kakori: Tropius... Gift (Egg)
Bulbasaur Kakori: Bandit at Large Gift (Egg)
Magnemite Kakori: All Quests Gift
Mareep Kristilline: Lighthouse Gift
Inkay Kristilline: ??? Gift
Turtwig West Gearen: All Quests Gift (Egg)

Trades Edit

These Pokemon are available from Trades.

Pokemon Availble Location For What?
Buneary Gearen City Male Cherubi
Pancham Sheridan Village (Help Center Quest) Aipom
Cleffa Sheridan Village Igglybuff
Mystery Egg (random for each save file) Route 3 Phantump egg
Shroomish Evergreen Island Lopunny
Vulpix (Alolan) Kristiline City Sandshrew (Alolan)
Passimian Teila Resort Oranguru

Other Gifts Edit

Pokemon that don't fit into the other categories, and usually a gift obtained through completing a quest or beating a battle.

Pokemon Availble Location Other Factors
Voltorb East Gearen City Buy Pokéballs from a guy in the Market
Shuppet East Gearen City, Emerald Building Night, Battle
Shinx East Gearen City, Chrisola Hotel Must have visited Route 2
Lillipup East Gearen City, Violet Building Finish Goldenleaf Forest and Route 1 plot
Sewaddle Goldenwood Cave Defeat Challenger Mars
Elgyem Gearen Park, Hidden Library Find all the missing books around the library, Battle
Klink Amethyst Cave Use an Electric Gem on a mine cart
Solrock Amethyst Cave Required to catch to beat the missing boyfriend quest
Nuzleaf Sheridan Village Thrown at you by Crescent's Gothitelle in a house
Throh Sheridan Village Must have defeated Marianette, defeat Crush Girl Janelle to attempt to catch
Sawk Sheridan Village, Daycare Breed Throh with a Ditto to get another Throh, then trade for Sawk with Janelle
Mime Jr. Xen Lab in Carotos Mountain Interact with a machine to free it, missable
Zubat Mirage Forest, Cave Use flash to wake up the Zubat, then beat the battle to be gifted Zubat
Poliwag Route 3, Cave Find the Poliwag Troupe scattered across Floria Island and Terajuma Island
Gothita Marianette's Mansion Read the prophecy written on the statue, gifted to you by a maid. Requires the key item obtained from the Hidden Library 2 Help Center Quest
Snubbull Goldenleaf Town Requires beating Narcissa
Scraggy Wispy Ruins, behind door 6 Requires 6 badges
Gastly Wispy Ruins, behind door 9 Requires 9 badges and Strength
Silvally Wispy Tower Requires Surf, a move that gives off light, a Magnet, a Pokéball, and an Up-Grade.
Mawile Xen Brigade Given to the player for free after the events of Blacksteeple Castle
Pinsir Kakori Depths Required to beat to progress through the gym.
Ralts Sheridan Wetlands, Abandoned Xen Lab Requires the key obtained from defeating Kyogre in Valor Mountain. Requires three Cell Batteries, Metal Powder, and a Pokéball
Zorua Garufan Ruins Complete the optional puzzle in the ruins and touch the statue.
Porygon West Gearen City Use Jigglypuff to put people to sleep to, in order, find out where the USB drive is, obtain it, and plug it in the computer in the northern section of West Gearen City.
Oshawott Azure Shore Agree to find the Oshawott, and find it near Grand Dream City Gate. Bring it back and battle the grunt. It will be gifted to you.
Stufful Axis High University Keep trying the High Striker until you hit "POWERFUL!"
Chatot Axis High University Buy for 15000 Pokedollars.
Darumaka Axis High University Complete the Darmanitan Tile Puzzle
Wishiwashi Axis High University Randomly gotten from the highest tier bait
Komala Route 9 Cut the tallest bamboo shoots in front of the Rose Theatre
Clefairy Moon Field Requries Surf, Saturday at night time.
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